hiding-out-finalWhat a great way to launch a new blog…with a giveaway from the fabulous writer Nicole Andrews Moore!
Synopsis for Hiding Out:
Samuel Davenport runs his family’s New York based advertising agency. His brother, Adam, runs from responsibility and anything remotely boring. And his temp, Haley, runs so she’ll never be caught and hurt again. She moved to the city New Year’s Day to hide and recover, to build a new life far from her past. In an effort to lie low, Haley never expects to be more than a temp. What begins for Sam as an excuse to get to know her better, ends up being an opportunity for advancement and excitement for Haley. When Sam tries to uncover all of Haley’s mysteries, he exposes her hiding place, endangers her life, and threatens to destroy any chance of them ever having a future together.

Excerpt from Hiding Out:

“Come here,” Haley said softly.  “Want to hold her?”  And when he didn’t move, she walked over to him.  He tried to back away and began to protest quietly, but she simply took him by the hand, and gently sat him in the chair.  In an instant he realized he was genuinely afraid of handling anything that tiny.  “Arms like this,” she commanded as she demonstrated how she wanted his arms positioned.  He hesitated.  “Come on,” she urged.  “You’ve held women before.”  Her eyes sparkled as she teased him.
He cleared his throat, embarrassed.  “I like them bigger.”  He smiled.
“Women are suckers for men and babies,” she said quietly.
Suddenly, his arms shot out to hold the infant.  Behind Haley, Ellen’s eyes grew wide at the new side she was seeing of her boss.  Sam smiled shyly at her then focused on the petite bundle Haley deposited in his arms.  He looked at her with open adoration.  “Careful, Haley,” he said, “I could fall in love.”
“Oh, babies are easy to fall in love with when their sleeping,” she said, staring at the baby that he was holding so cautiously.
He lifted one hand and caught her chin, forcing her to face him.  “I meant you,” he whispered in a husky voice. Sam pulled her face close and brushed her lips with his, sending shivers down her spine.
author picAuthor bio:
Nicole lives in Charlotte, North Carolina with her husband, a teenage son and daughter, and Kenna. Every day is new and sparkly…which is why she chronicles them on her blog, Suddenly *Not So* Single Journey. It is a way for her to spread her brand of hope, happiness, and love.Previously, Nicole has been published by McClatchy News in their syndicated papers. In 2010, she joined the Yahoo! Mother Board, became a Shine Parenting Guru, and has become an award winning dating and relationships expert for Shine.After a few bad sailing experiences, the Moores decided they were safer on land. Their boating adventures will be limited to cruise ships. And those cruises are centered around their travel goal of visiting ever Margaritaville. Two down, eleven to go!
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Barnes and Noble: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/hiding-out-nicole-andrews-moore/1114766385?ean=2940016322377
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