Melissa Brodsky has 5 kids, 6 cats, 5 goldfish that have lived longer than a year, 2 dogs and one husband. She is a blogger who would prefer to write fiction, it’s much more interesting than her own life which consists of cleaning up pet accidents and tons of laundry.

Melissa is beginning a journey and because she doesn’t use outlines, she has no clue where this is going to take her. All she knows is that it has something to do with writing. A lot. And she’s OK with that.

If you have any interest in reading her rants, raves and other general craziness, head over to her “Mommy” blog Rock and Drool.

She freelance writes for Urbane Apts lifestyle blog and

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She is PR friendly and looking to take on author interviews, book promotions and giveaways. PR and authors please contact Melissa at melissabrodsky at sbcglobal dot net as well.