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dark redemption

Recently, through some Bank of America issues that I was exceptionally vocal about, I became friends with a woman going through similar problems. At the onset of our friendship, it was just a connection due to the same type of circumstance. Well, as time went on, both our issues were resolved, yay.

Somehow, we connected way beyond our BofA situation. You see, it turns out that Nicole is an author of Contemporary Romance novels. And me? Well, I’m an author wannabe of the Paranormal kind.

One day, she and I got to talking. And we talked. And talked. And talked.

Until we came up with this…

Dark Redemption Series which is what happens when you take a YA paranormal writer and shake her up with a Contemporary Romance author. A trilogy of epic proportions which is in the works as I type this.

I couldn’t be more excited. And I can’t wait until I have more to share.

But in the meantime, there is a lot of work to do.

Please, go “like” the Dark Redemption Series Facebook page, we’d appreciate it!

Thank you.


Hallows Haven Gwen Dream

For me, sharing my writing is the equivalent to finding a decent fitting bathing suit. It’s hard. Well, the hard part, for me? It’s not the actual act of sharing my writing, that’s a no-brainer. It’s bracing myself for criticism.  And sure, as an aspiring writer, my skin thickens daily. But still. And I won’t even mention what’s it’s like to find a bathing suit, one that’d I’d wear in public without a cover up covering it up!

I don’t know if you know that I’ve actually been in the process of writing a book. Well, sure you know. I blab about it on Facebook all the time. Sorry for boring you! Since this new place is only about writing, authors etc, I figured it was appropriately time for a teaser.

So, without further writing and ado…here is a small sampling of Hallows Haven which, hopefully, will be released this summer. Via the self-publishing route. It’s a YA paranormal novel about a 16 year old girl named Gwen who finds out she is Magick.


When Gwen finally awoke, it was bright out.  She had no idea how long she had slept; she couldn’t tell if it was morning or midday. It could have been minutes or months; she could not even fathom a guess. Something felt strange and out of sorts, it took her a moment to realize that she was no longer safe and warm curled up in her hospital cot because that was far below her, as was everything else. Far, far below her.

Gwen could see everything, all of Hallows Haven was spread out beneath her.  She could make out specks of  people looking up and pointing.  She was high above the ginormous tree from the center of the park. The men who were playing games in the park with the funny creatures, they too were staring up at her. Gwen felt as though she should wave at everyone but she was worried what would happen if she moved any part of her body. It was a long way down.

Unusual looking birds and tree dwelling creatures eyed her curiously; they seemed hesitant but unafraid. They were close enough to touch and Gwen could not help herself, she cautiously reached an arm out to make contact with a bright yellow, scaly bird creature sitting closest to her.

She wasn’t herself suddenly. She felt as though she had become a wisp, a vapor. A small bird like the one close to her then morphing into a hawk then an eagle.  She felt herself constantly changing.  A shape-shifter gone rogue; out of control. Panic welled in her throat but she was too scared to even scream.

When she was finally able to gain control of the erratic shifting by mentally picturing who she was, she reemerged, in some semblance of her proper form.  But not really, not completely.  Her regular old 11th grade self would never be sitting up high on a tree, perched so high from the ground.  She was a different Gwen now, one with magic abilities. She could fly. She could shift. She was now becoming the Gwen she was born to be. She was Magick.