I’m participating in this weeks Write on Edge creative writing prompt. It’s based on the image below and has a 500 word limit. So, if you haven’t read the story I started a couple years ago about a vampire named Adina, here is the link. I decided to write a bit more about her. Because she’s been bugging me to. She’s annoying, that one is.

write on edge creative writing prompt

She pulled up to valet parking, grateful to see that it was free. It was too cold to self-park and she didn’t have a lot of cash with her. She’d have to remember to save a few of the scarce bucks to give as a tip upon retrieving her car.

A young, eager boy with an awkward smile opened the door. It was part of the job, she knew. But it was a nice gesture anyways. She swung her long legs out first, letting him have a glimpse up her short skirt, making him blush. She took the ticket he held out to her and brushed his hand with her manicured finger. She could smell him, the rise  in his hormones. She knew the effect she had on men of every age and it was something she brought out and played with often. They were nothing more than mice to her cat.

Heels clicking and hips swaying seductively, she walked toward the restaurant door. She slid past the doorman who nodded his head in approval and watched her walk in.

She hated blind dates as much as she loved male attention, one of the many ironies in her life.

This one was different though, she sensed it over their late night phone conversations. He was one of her kind, she was almost sure of it.

Vampires weren’t running rampant in this area. She’d met a few, mostly women that she now called acquaintances. There were some warlocks and a few demons she’d have occasional trysts with but she yearned for a male vampire. There was something to be said about staying with your own kind. A compatibility factor not to mention that sex between vampires, it was the best kind of sex if you liked it rough. And she did.

Adina walked past the hostess stand and into the crowded restaurant. She reeled for a minute, it was easy to forget how sensitive she had become to scents and sounds. She walked to the bar area where sex, desperation and loneliness were masked by beautiful clothes and simple conversations.

Xander had texted her earlier and requested she meet him at the bar. As inconspicuously as possible, she glanced around looking for a lone male. She was disappointed, usually she was able to pick her dates out of the crowd, and crowded this place was.

Feeling a cool hand on her neck, she whipped around and locked eyes with the most beautiful man she had ever seen.


“Adina.” His white tooth smile met sparkling green eyes, “The rumor is true, you are spectacular.”

Adina returned his smile, allowing her fangs to flash briefly, making him smile wider. “Another rumor dispelled then.”

Xander took her hand and brought her wrist up to his mouth. Breaking the soft skin above her artery, he drank.

Adina moaned softly, “Well, you’ve had your drink, it’s my turn. Let’s get out of here. My car or yours?”


So…I only had 500 words. And I used them all.